Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Chairman Ayers To Expand Risk-based Program To Electric Rates?


 Chris Ayers Image   Dear Chairman Ayers,

Noted the statement below from a recent BusinessNC article on your upcoming meeting with the State Employees Association of N.C. (SEANC) about risk-based lending at SECU.



  1. Ayers wokes for consumers like Putin works for peace.

    1. "Woke" too? Suspected it...has that superior look. Knows all, hears nothing.

  2. Interesting idea - love to hear your thoughts Chairman Ayers. Charge the folks who can least afford it higher rates - for loans, for electricity? How about food? It's a great racket, as you charge them more they become less able to pay then you can raise their rates some more and lower the A's and B's some more. All you A's and B's are going to make out like bandits...or thieves...or extortionists. Pretty soon there will just be A's and E's - let's get people in their proper place and keep them there doggone-it!

    But to this point your silence on the RBL issue has been deafening. Or perhaps it speaks volumes? Or maybe you're caught in a Fog, stuck in a Haze?

    It takes REAL courage to admit a mistake. Time to step up and represent ALL the members fairly. They deserve better.


  3. I used to be able to describe the difference between SECU and banks in one word... "fairness". Not anymore.

  4. Chris Ayers or the BOD for that matter do NOT have the *excuse me for a moment* BALLS to respond to criticism.