Saturday, March 25, 2023

SECU - Yes, There Is A Difference!

And yes, it does involve huggin' up on them, when they need it....


[link....loving the members]


  1. A must watch! Love it and We love SECU! What a good Saturday morning, I think I will listen to "you've lost that lovin feeling" while I cook breakfast

  2. We are not a Bank! How many times do we hear our Members & Others call us a bank? Daily. And after awhile we stop correcting them, because we know - They know - There is a Difference. We have many SECU employees who began their careers in the banking industry and they know it too. This got me thinking of where I am today with concerns over our organization and the new direction. And I really think, I gained some clarity for myself. I don't mind change and certainly not afraid of it, we experience change every day. Most times change brings growth in a person, I can get on board with that. But to see our Credit Union's core values change so drastically in such a short time, hard to get on board with that. Very concerned our new direction is leading us to where we won't know the difference and that word bank won't ring so loudly in our ear. I personally have never worked in a commercial bank, pretty sure I would be fired first day. Just don't think I could catch on to the idea of treating one person different from another...

    My name does not hold an important title, actually could be considered a no one in the chain of amazing employees in our organization. Please don't let me lose you there, cause I am a BIG someone in our Member's eyes, thanks to some years of SECU training I know how to serve them well and make sure I do. I love SECU, I love our Members and I love all my coworkers all across the State cause if you consider this more than a job, we are of the same mind. We are a part of an extraordinary group which for years has been an SECU family. Been here a few years, completed the modules - got excited about my future when I saw there really was a difference at SECU than my last job. As someone said in an earlier post happily drank the SECU Kool aid and still take a sip every day. Learned even more about SECU in our Employee Education classes which were so effectively led & managed by our now Chief Operating Officer, who's love for SECU made you happy to be a part of it all. I always left Raleigh looking forward to the next round of training.

  3. Cont.
    The faces of SECU employees reflected those of pride, thankfulness, and happiness for the organization and themselves.
    But something has changed and not for the good, I say this respectfully and with caution because I need my job- I like most other employees have a family to think about. We are not accustomed to serving our Members and worrying about what's the next bad change for our Members or Employees coming out of Raleigh next. We realize Administration is a very tough job in any organization or business especially one the size of SECU. We acknowledge the added benefits, special perks and are not grateful. Which got me thinking about our proud tag line of there is a difference; and instead what is the difference? We all see things by different perspectives so my answer may and possibly will differ from yours. Since becoming an employee of SECU, I have had complete trust in our Upper Management to do what is best for our Members, the Organization and Me as an employee. I no longer have this trust and did not give it up easily, I tried to hold on. As Mr Hayes said we all make mistakes and we do, but we can't afford to keep making them over all areas of the organization- not where our Members financial lives and ours as employees are concerned. No matter how strong SECU is, more weakening will occur with each fracture. Why do I feel I have the right to make such a bold statement, because we are all in this together. Every single employee matters and each contribution given by all, past and present brought us to this place. From my point of view, there was a reason SECU has been so successful. The reason I see is for more than 85 years, our leaders eyes were set on the foundation laid out in 1937, our mission followed has never changed and the culture of SECU has been protected. I think others have looked at SECU and called us old fashioned, closed minded and behind the times...quite the opposite as someone said earlier because we stay ahead of the times...always meeting any challenges with success. Doing the right thing matters, and for that our organization has always reaped rewards. SECU understands it's always about the Member Service we provide- times change, technologies change, ideas change, lives change but serving People don't. Until someone can show this way of thinking is a detriment to the BEST Credit Union in the nation, why should we change that idea?
    My other point of view on why the great success of SECU and I am trying to choose my words very carefully because they are not meant to be taken as unwelcoming or unwilling to accept change. The idea followed of promote from within was not to close off job opportunities for those outside the organization but to create a leadership team of known proven leaders from within. SECU's doors have always been held wide open for those with a heart for serving others, no experience required- you will be trained - just bring your willingness to learn and grow in the SECU credit union way. This model provided the success for SECU...most of our leaders started in entry level positions, built strong relationships with our Members, learned SECU from bottom to top, earned and gained an unlimited amount of respect from employees like me. Many of whom have picked up and moved their families many times across the state to meet the needs of our organization. With each move, they learned small branches don't run the same way a large branch does. Branches in the city run different from those in the rural areas. Every different service group and operations group require different handling. One size does not fit all, with each move they accomplished many different skills on how to meet the needs of Our Members in or through this specific area. And how to effectively manage this specific group of employees to get the best level of service for our Members. Our leaders have invested years of their lives in preparation for serving the whole of the organization.

  4. Cont.
    What did this model give the Organization, Members and Employees:

    Leaders who provide to us daily
    Superior Service, Trustworthy Leadership, Unwavering Strength and the Unsurpassed Knowledge to move SECU from 1937 to 2023 and into the future. And as in the past 85 years when they depart from SECU, they will be leaving all the knowledge they shared and examples they set for the future leaders of SECU. I feel sure as long as People helping People and Do the Right Thing stays our primary focus, SECU will continue to be the very BEST Credit Union in the nation. Not a Bank!

  5. It's called culture shock. For those of us who are invested in not just SECU, but what we have always called the SECU way of life, it is hard. Many employees are expressing those same feelings. We're not living in the past, just all concerned for SECU's future. Take heart, cause we are all in it together.

    "Culture can be defined as all the ways of life including arts, beliefs and institutions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. Culture has been called "the way of life for an entire society."

  6. The Banker played by our SECU / FCB IT department.