Saturday, April 29, 2023

H. 410 - Credit Union "Updates" - Designed To Deceive # 2 - The Red Herring - "Maybe Baby?"

❓What is so important in H. 410 that the Carolinas' Credit Union League (CCUL) is willing to sacrifice anything and anybody to get it passed?

 § 54-109.28. Other credit unions and specially designated common bonds. [Changes are underlined]To facilitate the provision of financial services to underserved populations and communities, any credit union organized under Articles 14A to 14L of this Chapter may also permit membership of the following located in this State:

(1) Individuals and families that earn income at or below the federal poverty threshold

 👍Those proposed changes sound very positive, don't they! Who in there right mind - especially if they were not-for-profit credit unions organized to serve North Carolinians of modest means - would object to that?