Saturday, April 8, 2023

LGFCU - "All Digital, No Branches" Strategy - Differing Points Of View

😃 Management:"We're not running away from SECU, but are running toward our members."

😏 Other Financial Professionals: Definitely "visionary".... "not runnung from, running into a..."


😡LGFCU Membership: 



  1. No credit union professional can feel good about what has just happened with LGFCU and it's Membership over the past year. Member Owners still in the dark about what is taking place with their credit union, but hearing we sent out a letter. Ironic, a new way Digital Credit Union taking the world by storm with an explanation of we sent out a letter. Didn't you know most people don't even open junk mail these days? And talking to 275 people at your Summits across the state is equivalent to to a grain of sand in preparation for this major change to the 400,000 Members looking to you for credit union service in eleven months. A true Leader and Credit Union Professional would have never allowed an outsider to disrupt the lives of so many servants of the local government communities of North Carolina. However, this appears to be exactly what has happened with Mr Naylor, his Admin and his Board. Your Members deserve better.

  2. Forcing members to the wall. No voice, no choice. Democratic Dwayne.