Friday, May 26, 2023

SECU Board Letter To Staff Confirms Commenter's Observation: SECU Leadership is "A Dead Man Walking"

If the SECU Board truly wants to "provide clarity to you, the people delivering value for our members", here are 11 simple questions for the SECU Board to answer. One for each Board member, so they can add their signature!

Direct and complete answers not only will benefit the staff, but will also benefit all SECU members, the members of the greater North Carolina credit union and banking communities, the State Legislature, and, for that matter, all North Carolinians.

There is a growing Statewide skepticism as to the accuracy and authenticity of statements handed down by the SECU Board Directors. Whether it be the "bogus dialogues" of those "Fireside Chats", the faux "we're doing this only for your benefit" New Board Election Procedures hustle, the H. 410 "widows and orphans & financial deserts" charade, or the comically contradictory "non-answer answers" flung about by both the SECU Board and senior management; whatever !!!, with this memo the "B" score -  balderdash, bunkum, and baloney - meter continues at max, out of control.

SECU seems to be playing everybody for the fool, nobody is buying it - most especially the staff, legacy and otherwise!