Monday, August 28, 2023

Why Not Vote For The Member Nominated SECU Board Candidates?


   ✅ Barbara Perkins, Michael Clements, Chuck Stone

                     * Here's how you can vote (starting September 1):

 👉 To cast an absentee vote online, please visit and follow the instructions on the website to login and cast your vote. In order to verify membership and login to the online voting platform, each member will be required to certify their voting eligibility and provide the following information: (i) the account number for an SECU deposit account owned by the member, either individually or jointly, and (ii) the last 5 digits of the member’s Social Security number. Upon logging into the online voting platform, the member will be presented with the electronic absentee ballot for their completion and submission. If assistance is needed with logging into the online voting platform, please contact Member Services Support at (888) 732-8562.

 👉 To cast an absentee vote via a paper absentee ballot, please contact Member Services Support at (888)732-8562 and request a paper absentee ballot. Following the request, a paper absentee ballot, along with voting instructions, Statement of Background for the candidates, and a stamped pre-addressed mailing envelope, will be mailed to the requested address within 7 business days. Upon completing the paper absentee ballot, the member will submit the ballot by placing it in the provided stamped pre-addressed mailing envelope and mailing it to the election tellers. The ballot must be returned to the election tellers at the address on the envelope; ballots cannot be accepted by branches. Any ballots left with a branch will not be counted.

 👉 Members who attend the Annual Meeting in person and who have not previously voted may cast their vote during the Annual Meeting. The vote during the Annual Meeting will be taken using electronic devices and tallied by the election tellers. That tally will be added to the absentee ballot preliminary results, and the final results will be announced prior to adjournment of the Annual Meeting. 
      Yep, let's put the members back in charge of their credit union!


  1. We an impose some term limits on the 3 insider incumbents right now.

  2. It is vitally important that as many members vote as possible. Please spread the word! This will be the turning point for The Board to try and get us back to where we started and have been "people helping people" for the last 86 years!!! Board members and CEO Brady have to be held accountable!!!!!

  3. I will certainly cast my vote for all 3 and will also encourage every member I know to do like wise!

  4. Ok people, let’s vote on 9/1 and show this board that us members don’t give up easily.

  5. Ok people, let’s vote on 9/1 and show this board that us members don’t give up easily.

    WOW what a concept ... Freedom rings!

  7. This board has begun it's big advertising campaign to reelect the incumbent, self serving 3--Garland, Sanford and Parrish. they intend to spend as much of our money as they want or think is needed to get the job done. No restraints. Wonder how that item gets entered in the budget? "we are SECU" Rather arrogant campaign isn't it? Lots of us know "WE" =11 rogue board members.

    1. add it to this line item ...

      "Other Liabilities" at $1.197 Billion" and counting ...

  8. "Any ballots left with a branch will not be counted." As a member, I find that statement very telling about This Board. We trust SECU branch employees with our money, our finances and many times our extremely confidential information about our lives. But This Board doesn't - the feeling is mutual - I don't trust This Board! My family will all be voting for Perkins, Stone and Clements come September 1st.