Monday, September 11, 2023

The Employees And Members Of SECU Cannot Afford Any More Leadership Like This...

Alice Garland 

    Ms. Alice Garland                             CEO Jim Hayes

Ms. Garland is a Board selected candidate for election to the SECU Board. If elected, Ms. Garland would become Chair of the SECU Board of Directors.

Here is what retired CEO Mike Lord [see 9/4 post] said about his experience with Ms. Garland as a Board member:

✅ "Ms. Garland is mistaken."

 "1) The Board hired an inept candidate as CEO (Jim Hayes) who attempted to eviscerate our longstanding culture of member service with the full support of the Board and then papered-over the deed with a slick advertising campaign."

2) "The Board directed or supported Mr. Hayes' strategy toward SECU “Legacy” employees which was to demean, disregard and disrespect them and pass over the most experienced senior staff for promotions. Ms. Garland is on record as identifying our longstanding and successful “promote from within” philosophy as being terrible and that SECU “needed new blood.” Tell that to our employees who would like to build a career at SECU as their skills, experiences and expertise increase. Grow our own managers and hire outside expertise when necessary was a strength; not a weakness. It resulted in highly qualified, seasoned and experienced employees who served our members exceptionally well." 

✅ Ms. Garland brought SECU employees and members the leadership "blessings" of Mr. Hayes - and even now can not bring herself to acknowledge this world class mistake. The about face in the financial performance of SECU over the last two years, unfortunately, is undeniable. 

Now Ms. Garland seeks to serve SECU employees and members for another 3 years... and as Chairman.

  ... Clearly, Ms. Garland is not only "mistaken", but is also a board member "mistake" SECU can no longer afford. 

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