Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Truth Will Out About "This Board" And This Election!       Vote right now! 


😎 This opinion piece is evidently hitting many local papers this week. It's was in the local Oxford Ledger on Thursday.  Look for it in your hometown newspaper... or take it over to your paper Monday and tell them why this information is important to your community.

North Carolina’s most impactful election this Fall will surprise you

The most crucial upcoming election in North Carolina isn't for a governmental position but for a seat on the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Board. For over 85 years, SECU has provided affordable financial services to the state's employees, teachers, and their families, applying consistent low interest rates on mortgages, loans, and credit cards for all members, regardless of their economic background.

Unfortunately, the current SECU Board, composed mainly of politically influential former state employees, has strayed from this equitable approach. They've begun charging higher interest rates to middle-class and lower-income members while offering lower rates to wealthier individuals. This shift appears to prioritize the board's interests over serving the hundreds of thousands of Highway Patrolmen, Correctional Officers, Department of Transportation workers, and Teachers that SECU was originally established to assist.

Moreover, the current board has reduced services, increased interest rates for most members, and neglected to raise rates for savings accounts. They've also altered the election rules and bylaws to maintain their power and hinder potential opposition.

To rectify this situation, it's crucial to vote for the three self-nominated candidates who advocate for restoring SECU to its historical mission. The board's changes threaten to transform SECU into a conventional bank that favors the wealthy, undermining its original purpose. Voting for these candidates is vital for safeguarding our Credit Union. Visit before October 3, 2023, to support this cause and ensure SECU serves its members as it was intended.


Camden Carver

Member/Owner of the North Carolina State Empolyee’s Credit Union

Former Employee 



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