Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Legacy SECU Board Expands Lending Discrimination In North Carolinia - Without Hearing Critics 

    Why is an open mind so threatening?


Frank Pasquale on green backgroundDanielle Citron Danielle Citron  [U.Va. Law School - take a look at her credentials] and Frank Pasquale [Cornell Law - creds] list three major flaws in the current credit-scoring system:[10]

  1. Disparate impacts: The algorithms systematize biases that have been measured externally and are known to impact disadvantaged groups such as racial minorities and women.
  2. Arbitrary: Research shows that there is substantial variation in scoring based on audits.
  3. Opacity: credit score technology is not transparent so consumers are unable to know why their credit scores are affected.

✅ [Wikipedia:]  Credit scoring systems have garnered considerable criticism... discrimination against prospective employees, rejection of rental applications, racial bias, poor risk prediction, manipulation of algorithms, and overall immorality are some of the concerns raised regarding the system. The scoring system has also been studied as a form of classification to shape an individual's life-chances—a form of economic inequality.[61] The credit scoring system in the United States is similar to the Social Credit System in China.[63] 


... a Chinese social credit system for North Carolina? Really? Yes, really...



  1. "Why is an open mind so threatening?"

    this is the million dollar question ...

    "... a Chinese social credit system for North Carolina? Really? Yes, really."

    YES!!! THANK YOU! Now maybe people will start opening their eyes to this ...

    1. I'm afraid they'll be too busy on til-tok before it's too late ...

  2. Much has been made about "legacy" employees over the last two and a half years. After all is said and done those folks should be extremely proud of their legacy - working for members who needed a financial protector, working for fairness, equality, ethics, integrity, taking it personal in a good way and many other honorable qualities.

    Now this "legacy" Board and CEO will forever have the legacy of discrimination, inequality and unfairness. (Probably wouldn't save any wall space for that plaque.)

    How much clearer can Mr. Blaine make it that RBL is just plain wrong?

    "The thing about a moral compass is you take it out and check it from time to time. You don't have to wait for history to show you you're headed in the wrong direction."
    -Jon Stewart

  3. It seems to me the people supporting RBL don't actually deal with members face to face on the daily - or ever. People who support RBL for the credit union have never seen what true poverty looks like in NC. The credit union was where people could come and get a small loan to get them through until their next payday or through an emergency or just because! The credit union used to be people helping people. Nobody will ever convince me Poor Leigh cares about any of that. There's no servant heart in her. Period.

    1. Why don’t they just leave? The membership is clearly not on their side. New to the blog, but was present at the annual meeting and was just made aware of the blog by my local advisory board. What are they doing? I feel behind. Will definitely be giving this more attention going forward.

    2. they live in their bubble ...
      let them eat pie she said ...

    3. @3:35, first off, thank you for attending the annual meeting! Secondly, thank you for having an open mind and actually taking the time to look through the blog. There's tons of helpful information here to aid in your understanding of how corrupt the board, Leigh, and Leigh's cronies have been. The employee's, members, and 3 new board members are fighting tooth & nail to preserve SECU and our legacy! Contrary to what some may believe we, as employees, aren't against change. We're against the destruction of what the Credit Union has built and want to continue to serve our membership FAIRLY!!

  4. legacy board has proved their incompetence repeatedly. Need to go asap.

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    E-Employees and