Sunday, February 11, 2024

SECU: That Infamous, Missing Super Bowl Ad?


        🎉🏈 At SECU, "We"... 🎉🏈

     Mona Moon Image Stelfanie Williams Image Jennifer Haygood Image Chris Ayers Image Bob Brinson Image Mark Fleming Image  Ben McLawhorn Image McKinley Wooten, Jr. Image 
                   ... had a...   

            🎉🏈 "Record profits"! 🎉🏈 

                              [😎 ...perhaps somewhat "inflated".]


  ... as a member-owner, how did you do?

[😎 BTW, here's the sure-fire, can't miss prediction on the winner of Super Bowl LVIII 👇...]




  1. Best advertisement ever would be doing away with RBL and touting how we’re the only ones who do the right thing! (NOT industry standard!!) See there? Didn’t have to pay a dime to a marketing team…the right thing sells itself every time!!!