Wednesday, March 27, 2024

March Madness Continues! - The N.C. Credit Union Division Bracket 

 ... next round the "Sweet 16" or the "Elite 8"?

To: The North Carolina Credit Union Commission

                    March 27, 2024

Dear Commission Members,

Since you did not appear to be cross-copied on the original March 26, 2024 letter from the Commission Chair; we are forwarding it to you with inserts [link to post] which reflect the "normal" reading of NC credit union law by impartial minds.


As representatives of your fellow citizens, we hope you will take the time to ask competent counsel to review your authority under N.C. law with you prior to the April 9, 2024 Commission Meeting.


And please, ask independent counsel to simply address the following three questions. These questions are solely to confirm the Administrator's scope of authority under North Carolina law. The questions do not relate to any appeal, nor complaint, and do not represent a "legal opinion" to any outside party - just you.

1)  Is the NC Administrator of Credit Unions required by law to approve, monitor, and enforce compliance by state-chartered credit unions with bylaws?  Y/N

2)  May a NC state-chartered credit union adopt rules, policies, and procedures which effectively amend its bylaws without approval by the NC Administrator of  Credit Unions ?   Y/N

3) Does the NC Administrator of Credit Unions permit NC credit unions to deny eligible, qualified members the right to seek self/membership nomination to serve on the credit union board?   Y/N


It would be difficult for Commissioners to fulfill their legal duty to the citizens of North Carolina, if you were not fully aware of the Administrator's powers and your authority under N.C. law, wouldn't it?

We all are expected to obey the law. How would better informing your fellow citizens with these answers not be of benefit? What is the problem here?  
Why is the Credit Union Division and the Attorney General's staff afraid of publicly posting "Speed Limit" signs. Why are we required to guess?
Jean and Jim Blaine
March 27, 2024 

... what is going on?  Your guess...



  1. Refusing to address a question based on standing is a well-known tactic to avoid the merits of the question itself. How could a member of a credit union not have standing when the election policies / procedures directly impact them while another credit union does have standing where the impact is more indirect.

  2. NC press is watching.

  3. National press also.

  4. We keep getting email reminders requesting feedback on the proposed election procedures. Many of us at my branch aren't participating because we already know how surveys turn out with SECU.

    1. SECU is also tracking each AB member and every member. Will use it going forward to cut out any dissent. Ask Poor Leigh see if she'll admit it. This is bad business

  5. "... reading of NC credit union law by impartial minds."

    Therein lies the problem, they don't operate with impartial minds. They play games and knowingly lie.
    They follow the father of lies and not the one of truth.
    That's one game you don't want to be on the losing end!

  6. Whiling away time is the greatest delay of equity.