Monday, June 17, 2024

Is The SECU "We" Board "Foolin' Around" With Employee Benefits? That Would Be Unhealthy..... ... health care costs are climbing fast in the U.S.!

There's a saying that Social Security is the third rail of American politics, meaning you can't touch it without being zapped! Medicare runs down that same rail - you don't "fool around" with employee health care coverage! 

But, it appears that the SECU Board is fooling around again - this time with SECU employee and retiree health coverage. If you thought the fallout from risk-based lending was bad, just wait for the outrage on this one! 

So, what's up? Who knows? It would be entirely out of character for the We Are Board and current "Executive Leadership Team" ("The ELT" - pronounced "elite") to be transparent on highly volatile issues affecting all employees. Why bother letting folks know?

But don't worry, be happy, "The We and ELT" know what's best! Their track record over the last 3 years proves it - an incredible performance!

 ✅ But here's the outline for a yet to be announced major change in current healthcare benefits at SECU..