Wednesday, June 19, 2024

SECU Board Nominating Committee... Choosing The Future On Your Behalf!  Is the Who, Who? 

                   Hush, Hush?




Navigation of the new website is not always intuitive. Important information can be difficult to find... so may have just missed it!

But who has the Chairman appointed to the SECU Board Nominating Committee for 2024?

... Shouldn't be a "no know", should it?





  1. am I surprised .....
    when you can't win the argument in the light of day you resort to the darkness

  2. The chair is Chuck Stone, one of the 3 elected last October. Hope he hasn't flipped on transparency with us.

    1. Wrong chair, look higher.

    2. No Stone is the Chair. He was elected to make changes, not doing much that I can see. If he doesn't have the t-fortitude to publish nominating committee names he needs to quit.

      Shame on seanc for putting him in

    3. Shame on you for voting for him.

  3. Would bet it is no secret, but shows that the Board isn't paying attention. Can't follow its own rules and financial targets

  4. Can't find it either

  5. But,but,but isn't the new/new Leighduhship all about Transparency?!

  6. I can't find anything on the "new" website - pretty sure that's by design of Brady & Co :(


  8. Members of the Nominating Committee are:
    Chuck Stone
    Chris Ayers
    Jennifer Haygood
    Ben McLawhorn
    Mona Moon
    Jim Johnson
    Amaka Flynn
    Jennifer Willis

  9. Responding to a thoughtful commenter:
    "The board isn't required to publish names and bios (please correct me on that if you have documentation otherwise)," [ Yes, I believe the SECU Board has demonstrated it believes it can do whatever it pleases.]
    "... and their individual information isn't consequential to members." [Not sure how that conclusion was reached and if the statement makes much sense at all.]
    "Once they have that info, what will they do with it? criticize the members qualifications? call and try and influence them? what's one good reason members need that information?" [Think the members simply have a right to know who is on the nominating committee; not sure why that is a big issue? As the post stated, quite sure the at-large members are fine folks.]
    "You're right. transparency, where it's required or would be of interest to people [Again not sure why announcing the names of the nominating committee strikes such fear in this commenter's heart?] shouldn't be hard."
    "You asked (after, not before your little top secret post) and they gave it to you. how hard was that?" [I have never asked SECU for the names. before/after/ whatever...again commenter is jumping to another delusion. ]
    "Try google and LinkedIn to get the rest. not hard." [If several members hadn't simply asked for the names of the committee members, it would be hard to google anonymous, unnamed folks, wouldn't it?]
    [SECU still hasn't publicly released the names of the nominating committee, not sure why]