Wednesday, February 22, 2023

SECU Financials - Slip Sliding Away

 To: SECU Board of Directors


Dear Chairman Ayers,

'Course everybody and his cousin in North Carolina are awaiting anxiously to find out if you and the SECU Board did the right thing on risk-based lending last night!

.... but appreciate that you and the SECU Board are hesitant to inform member-owners about what's going on at your credit union to be careful about being too transparent with members, right?

And, understand tha "Legal" now has to tell you what to do and how to everybody's cool, patient - don't worry -  members can wait for your decision. Hey, take your time, no members get hurt until you go ahead with RBL.

In the mean time... slip sliding away?

A little chart of asset growth over the last few years...

Time Period

Total Assets


$38.8 Billion


.$41.3 Billion


$47.3 Billion


$51.6 Billion


$51.8 Billion


$50..9 Billion


$50.2 Billion

  SECU had 85 years of uninterrupted year-over-year asset growth! 
     What happened? this in your Strategic Plan?

image.pngMight want to raise savings rates before more folks fly south - and north, and east, and west!




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