Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Current SECU Board - Email Addresses

The SECU Board of Directors is elected by SECU members to represent their (the members', not the Board's!)  best interests. The SECU Board has always been attentive and responsive to the needs of the membership. 

Member input and feedback is important in keeping the SECU Board informed. If you would like to contact the SECU Board, here are their email addresses - be sure to ask for a response.

Email addresses of the SECU Board:

  1. Chris Ayers, Chair
  2. Alice Garland, VC
  3. Bob Brinson          
  4. Jo Anne Sandford 
  5. Jennifer Haygood 
  6. Mark Fleming      
  7. McKinley Wooten, jr
  8. Mona Moon          
  9. Stelfanie Williams
  10. Thomas Parrish, IV
  11. Ben McLawhorn   

                Be polite - Be respectful - Be heard!


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