Friday, March 10, 2023

Editor-In-Chief Confirms Misstatements In TBJ Article Were Not His - Pinocchio #6


Sougata Mukherjee

During discussion with retired SECU CEO & CIO, Sougata Mukherjee confirms misstatements were not his - nor TBJ's.              

Well, the brouhaha continues over that Triangle Business Journal article (3/6/2023) which quoted current  SECU leadership as stating that SECU hadn't updated its technology since 1983! Former CEO Mike Lord and former CIO Chris Ayer took great offense - as one might suspect. Both called for a meeting today (3/10/2023) with TBJ Editor-in-Chief Sougata Mukherjee to demand a retraction.

Evidently it was a fairly contentious meeting lasting 2 hours! Lord and Ayer presented a lengthy and extensive list of major technology changes which have occurred at SECU over recent years.  Mr. Mukherjee listened closely and agreed it would be pretty hard to end up with internet service, mobile apps, ATMS, call centers, voice recognition, remote deposit capture, etc. - technologies which didn't even exist in 1983! - without having made "at least a few" technology changes. Everybody agreed it was difficult to argue with those facts! Just some more Fonz "jumping the shark"- type statements from SECU.

But, Mr. Mukherjee adamantly refused to retract the article stating the quotes were provided to TBJ's reporter directly by SECU. The misstatements were not made by Triangle Business Journal - period. 

Well, let's see then...who does that leave?


  1. Hayes believes himself to always be the smartest guy in the room - pretty common for narcissists. Unfortunately for him, he rarely is and his smokescreen is easy to see through. This is just another example of the arrogance and ignorance of Hayes and the current executive leadership team. They would be a lot better off to just keep their mouths shut and save themselves the embarrassment.

    The members deserve better.


  2. I can only think of a few reasons why the current administration would misstate that SECU hasn't updated its technology since 1983. None of the reasons are good.

  3. I expected SOME changes with a new CEO, but he has literally changed EVERYTHING, splitting departments up...making up unnecessary VP positions for people that know NOTHING about SECU or North Carolina. It makes no sense, we are an organization that only serves North Carolians but we hire these random people from all over the country, oh and of course SECU is paying to fly them all over. I'm sorry but the amount of money that is being wasted and we are STILL waiting to hear something about compensation, oh he did let us know it's not going to be an "across the board" increase. This has just been a disaster and this ship is sinking....FAST!!!

  4. Share this Blog! Far and wide! Create Reddit accounts! Take it to Facebook anonymously! Send it to advisory board members! Share it with people you trust! It may not seem like it, but I believe the ripple effects will continue to be felt if we press on! There is a reason he is having to go to the press to have articles written about himself. There is a reason they are having this blog blocked from servers! It’s because they are weak! We must pounce! I hate for it to be this way, but this is too great of a company to watch fall like many others have in the past! You give these people an inch, they will take it a mile. Hold on the line! Take your ties back! Keep doing your jobs and serving ours members, but we must continue to voice what’s going on here so this place will be great for another 40 years because NC SECU wont be here in 20 years with the current admin and board. It’s becoming less and less employee friendly by the day. We aren’t meant to serve Jim Hayes and his cronies. We are here to serve our membership!

    1. This!! #giveusourtiesback

    2. Link this blog on your Facebook page every day! Members need to know..word WILL get out if we all share