Monday, March 6, 2023

There Is A Difference! - SECU Is An Orange!

To: SECU Board of Directors


Dear Chairman Ayers,

Certain you've heard that old saying : "That's about as silly as comparing an apple with an orange!" Yes, that would be silly, wouldn't it.

Folks realize that you do not truly believe "There is a Difference" at SECU. Maybe you're one of those self-assured cynics who believe nothing is "unique" in life - apples are apples, oranges are apples, whatever.

SECU is in fact unique among financial institutions, which is why it has had an uninterrupted record (until this year) of progress in both membership and assets. That was a unique record of success.

But, if you don't believe in uniqueness, tell us one word in the English language which rhymes with the word orange.....we all look forward to your response!


Hope the Board won't let "one bad apple"...well you know the rest.

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