Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Truth Or Consequences - Pinocchio #4

 To: The SECU Board of Directors

Dear Chairman Ayers,

See that you were so proud of that Triangle Business Journal article (3/6/2023) that you've sent it to all Member Advisory Boards and posted it on your Instagram account. Guess that confirms for all of us that you and the entire SECU Board fully support and agree with the article and the quotes outlined in the prior Pinocchios #1, #2, and #3. - even when many of the statements are so obviously untruthful (like no tech change since 1983 - really?!) 

At least the membership now knows you're all in it together. By the way have you read the comments on your Instagram account...obviously a lot of support for you out there!

 Here's another TBJ quote to which each Board member can lend your personal & professional reputation: