Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Carolinas' Credit Union League Performs Magic Trick At Legislature...

Look what CEO Dan Schline and the Carolinas' Credit Union League just found...

...and the House Banking Committee members, 3 million North Carolina credit union members, and you have the next 12 hours to thoroughly review the new H. 410 (if you're willing to stay up all night!)

                       Presto, Shazam! ... a brand new substitute bill - H. 410!


 ...guess we're just going to skip over the due diligence part, huh? 

Believe Mr. Schline knows that if Legislators do their homework, they'll soon discover there is no magic in H. 410 (new or old!) - it's just a trick!





  1. Authority to investigate credit union directors or employees to protect the safety and soundness of the institution. What exactly does this mean? Investigate?

  2. Definitely want updates on this after today. Was unable to attend myself but hope that someone there can fill us in.