Thursday, May 18, 2023

Moe Stuff.... Chairman Chris "NFPP"* Ayers and the SECU Board are beginning to look (choose all that apply):

  1. Silly
  2. Sheepish
  3. Inept
  4. Reckless
  5. Feckless
  6. Negligent
  7. 1 & 5
  8. 4 & 6
  9. All of the above

Here's some Moe stuff Chairman Ayers and the current SECU Board evidently (or maybe not!) missed...



  1. Gone from 3 Stooges to eleven stooges on the board. Except this isn't funny.

  2. Let's hope Haze doesn't use the words "unusual expenses" to explain SECU's decline in the billions. No, he will use having to work on technology that hasn't been upgraded since 1983. Flat out lies are so beneath respected CEO's but then he nor Ayers would understand that.

  3. I think the rebrand of the new SECU needs to be the Fascist State Credit Union(FSCU). If they are gonna rebrand it. Might as well call it for what it is. Yes, they aren’t chopping heads, but they are ruining financial lives of our state with no care. Creating rules and lawyering up to the point where you can’t oust the guy… outsourcing jobs. Hiring outsiders to work at a state credit union they don’t even live in nor understand. This is very similar to fascism just in a corporate credit union form. Surrounding yourself with people that only think like you. Getting rid of people that disagree…Similarities…?

  4. I had a member ask me about this today, if it was true… I told them yeah….. like this is ridiculous that we have to defend and even talk about this stuff … it’s so embarrassing and beneath us SECU…

  5. So Credit Unions covered WestCorp's losses. How much did that cost NCSECU to cover that negligence by Management of Westcorp--- where Hayes worked for 8 years in upper administrative jobs, CFO for one!!!! Bet he claims to know nothing (which is of course true!)
    But back to the question: Does anyone know how much NCSECU had to pay to cover WestCorp"s failure--biggest ever in credit union history?

  6. "thirst for accountability" and "demand someone take responsibility for what has happened". How'd that work out? Yet, SECU members can be penalized for their credit scores.

    1. Apparently, being financially irresponsible is different when you are dealing with millions or billions of dollars and it's other people's money.

  7. How did the SECU Board screw this up so badly? O yes Christopher Ayers...say no more.

  8. Jim Haze - Moe? Or less?

  9. Lesser of the weasels (He's She-Ra's evil weasel twin)