Tuesday, June 20, 2023

In Case You Are Becoming Irate And Would Like To Run For The SECU Board....

Board of Directors Group Image 

... that smile is beginning to look somewhat "Cheshire Cat-like"! ... as in "Alice in Wonder-la-la-land"

✅ Do you honestly believe that the 32 page Board Candidate Package * [see link below], which "This Board" released today will "empower member participation and increase Board of Director election transparency and security"? [A quote from the new/new election procedures just adopted]**


👍* Why not contact Ms. Amy Funderburk, Board Governance Lead , for your opportunity to fill out a 32-page form! - Board Corporate Secretary <Board.Corporate.Secretary@ncsecu.org> ....... request a package and take a look!

* * Important Update Regarding State Employees' Credit Union Board Election Policies and Procedures – April 13, 2023  [Timing was entirely coincidental!]

The Board has unanimously voted to adopt changes to SECU’s Board Election Policies and Procedures [for first time in 10 years!] to empower member participation and increase Board of Director election transparency and security. These changes are being implemented for the 2023 SECU Annual Meeting and Board elections. [Again, entirely coincidental!]

These changes will:
  • Expand voting options for SECU members. SECU is partnering with an independent credit union election facilitator [the membership of SECU really needs to watch out for this one!] to ensure members have access to convenient and secure voting options. If there are more candidates than vacancies to be filled, members can cast ballots in person at the annual meeting or vote online during an absentee voting period.
  • Increase member visibility into Board candidates’ experience. All Board candidates will be asked to provide a brief statement of background as part of their candidate package. This statement will be posted to the SECU website and provided to all voting members to inform their understanding of candidates’ qualifications to serve on the Board.
  • Improve self-nomination petition requirements to enhance election integrity. As in prior years, a Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Chair of the Board to screen nominees and recommend candidates. Candidates not selected by the Nominating Committee will be sent a self-nomination packet if they choose to continue their candidacy, and membership status of self-nomination petition signatories will be verified by an independent auditor to ensure participation by members only.
Details of these changes to our Elections Policies and Procedures have been posted in all of our branches.

  ...as Alice would say: "Curiouser and curiouser"!


  1. The purple duck is how I imagine this board looked when they found out Hayes was resigning… resigning just after they made lengthy post standing behind him and SEALED it with allll their signatures! Now that’s embarrassing!! I can’t unsee the purple duck now

    1. You can bet he used that letter for his interviews to describe what he’s up against. Board should feel used.

  2. Remember for you to be nominated from the floor, you have to submit a completed candidate package for consideration by 7-20. Get a notification that you were not selected, then you can request the specific form for your 500 wet signature that are unique to your nomination.

    Also you will be notified within one business day after the receipt of your request. Funny thing is the notification day is Friday 8-10 so the best you hope for is to get the specific form on Monday 8-13 and you need to get it back by the end of the day 8-21. AND you can't solicitate signatures on SECU property.

    1. Now why would a Board who wanted to empower the owners of a credit union put such stipulations on a nomination and voting process?
      Since I am interested in a run for Director myself. I am checking into the legality of some of these jump through the many hoops requirements to get on the ballot This Board has imposed upon all member owners of SECU.
      One in particular, not allowing a member owner to take care of credit union business on property cooperatively with all other members owners.

    2. they're not building hoops as much as road blocks ... you see, they know what is about to happen if they let the process play out fairly.

  3. Sure want to intimidate and block participation. who is this firm this Board hired to assure reelection? Other than friend-of-Jim

  4. Better keep your eye on this Board. They're already setting up to try to pull a slick one come election time. "Credit Union Election Facilitator"? These companies are well known for swaying elections towards those in power.

    Power Corrupts and this Board will do anything to hold on to theirs. Will take a monumental effort to defeat them because us regular members are going to have to fight the Board and the Ref with one arm tied behind our back.

  5. Can we vote no for the slate of nominations at the meeting? If so what would happen next?

  6. Every retired employee and every member reading this needs to request a packet and submit your name!

  7. How does a volunteer board change the rules for nominating new board members? Seems that would have to be voted on by the membership. Just smells.