Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Today's SECU "All Signatures, All Smiles" Board Meeting

 Hey, have y'all seen the May, 2023 SECU financials...

Board of Directors Group Image 

                    .... then why are you smiling?


  Head up, Stay strong, Fake a smile, Move on? 


  1. yes! Click on financials at the top of the page and refresh your memory on Aprils. June12 and June11 post on this blog. For 85 years--until This Board was given free reign by Jim Hayes assisted by Leigh Brady--even in some truly difficult times, SECU grew. (you think Mike Lord kept a lid on This Board's BAD ideas?)
    Nothing but a slide for 2 years under this board's direction. Not meeting their strategic plan goals. Looks like FAILURE from here.
    This Board has been totally in charge for 2 years. This Board is responsible for every miserable # in the financials.

  2. sure miss Ms Haywood, Ms Moon and Mr. Mckinley's smilling faces from this photo. I bet they are all glad they missed this photo op

  3. Don’t forget those investments Hayes made at NCSECU. Page 22 note 2 in year end financial statement. 2021 only USTreasuries no risk and liquid. 2022 under this Board and Hayes’ expert investment advice 1,605,789,371 invested in commercial mortgage backed securities. Do you believe in Hayes’ and this boards investment savvy? Moving money out of state. Over a billion into commercial real estate. Now??? Look out…..

    1. That is based on 2022 Fiscal year...Wait till 2023 comes out. MBS investments are hard positions to unwind if rates are going up.