Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Elect The MEMBER NOMINATED Candidates! - Perkins, Clements, Stone. #3   ... or less at SECU!

Member deposits at SECU have dropped by almost $4 billion in the last l2 months - the first decline in 85 years! Why are SECU members moving their savings away from the Credit Union?  Because the SECU Board won't pay members - many of whom are retirees - a competitive rate. SECU in the past paid members among the best savings rates in North Carolina - that's no longer true!.

The SECU Board is paying an interest rate of just 1% or less on over $26 billion in member savings (MMSA/shares) held by the Credit Union. If you check NerdWallet or other internet sites, you would find the following low minimum, savings accounts readily available in North Carolina -Ally Bank, 4.25%; American Express, 4.25%, Discover, 4.30%; TIAA, 4.75%; Barclay's, 4.35%, Live Oak, 4.15% and numerous other smaller banks. NerdWallet surveyed over 50 financial institutions around N.C. - the SECU Board's lowball savings rates didn't even make the top 25!

What's the lost income cost of SECU's 1% (or less!) savings rate to members vs. the fair market rate of @ 4%? That enormous 3% difference is costing SECU members @ - $780 million each year! Most SECU members can't afford to give up that much money in these high inflation times! Didn't use to be this way in the past; doesn't have to be this way in the future!

SECU Members have independently nominated 3 long time members - Barbara Perkins (Raleigh), Michael Clements (Winston-Salem), and Chuck Stone (Goldsboro) to halt the growing distrust of the existing board members. It's time for a change - and better rates - at SECU!

         Vote Perkins, Clements, Stone! - Nominated by the Members! 

                  (Election starts September 1 -



  1. This is your chance members, let’s vote and get our old SECU back.

  2. The enemy comes to disturb, disrupt and to destroy.
    Enough is Enough!
    Let our enemies be scattered!!
    We members didn't choose this fight it choose us ...
    The only way we lose is if we refuse to fight ...
    If he is for us who can be against us?

  3. Where is Kristina Ray? Paid off and compromised by corporations like the rest of our lovely government?

    1. Seems like it, doesn’t it? All I hear are cicadas.

  4. PERKINS-CLEMENTS-STONE - Make SECU Great Again. Vote the bums out of office. Time for a real change. Vote Early. Vote Often. Abolish the Risk Based Lending Extortion Scam. RECALL the Board of Directors.

  5. Leigh sent an email out today indicating that campaigning will be allowed on SECU property, are there any plans to take the Perkins-Clements-Stone ticket on the road?

  6. Members are constantly asking why our money market rates are not going up.