Tuesday, October 24, 2023

SECU - The Annual Meeting Strike Two: Women Can't Think (Or Speak) For Themselves....

http://www.signsofthetimemovie.com/gallery/images/1921-01.jpg ... finally being "called out"?

To: Leigh Brady and SECU Board
October 21, 2023
My name is Susie Ford and I was speaker number 3 at our Annual Meeting 2023.  You might recall my Grandfather, Dr. Joseph C. Knox was passbook number 7 and one of OUR founding members of SECU.  I can assure you each of my comments were my own words spoken from a heart which is breaking at the performance and changes of OUR Credit Union over the last 2 years.

I am offended at the implication that a 63 year old female could be a puppet for anyone!  The words were my own, citing ways OUR Credit Union helped its members while I was an employee.  Members who were hurting and struggling and turned to US (SECU) for help.  With tiered based lending, the new teacher with zero credit would not have been granted a loan, the gentleman with too much credit card debt would not have been able to consolidate,  I do not support this change in OUR Credit Union as it is unfair to  the very people OUR Credit Union was created to help.  I appreciate the platform of the Annual Meeting to share my thoughts.  After all, it is MY Credit Union.

I believe in progress, improvements and want nothing more than OUR Credit Union to succeed and once again fairly assist ALL our members in need. I urge you to look within yourself and DO THE RIGHT THING for OUR members.
Susie K. Ford
  The SECU Board is "DOA" (Duck on Arrival) on this snafu...  count on many more "strikes" from the members (@ 28) to follow, all of whom spoke independently at the SECU Annual Meeting.  The SECU Board is 1) legally a sitting duck, 2) tenure-wise a lame duck and 3) ethically a dead duck if they don't respond to the CUToday apocalypse article  - now! [link to post and article] .
Time for SECU Board to step up to the plate...


  1. I hope they realize this isn’t going to go away. There will be another annual meeting next October. And this blog will be here throughout the year. It’s only grown. It’s not going to shrink.

  2. They say bad publicity is good publicity. In some sense, yes. Not when you are a financial institution though. We have gotten nothing but bad publicity in the past 2 1/2 years. The lack of professionalism at the top of our organization is very sad. It’s sad at what’s considered the bottom of the organization(tellers, loan officers, managers, International departments, VPs) are literally what’s carrying every inch this organization right now despite having a poor executive management and leadership.

  3. As a member, I shouldn't have to pay for the lawsuit loss if any of these members sue. Make Brady own up or pay it.

  4. Why put the integrity of the CU and yourself on the line over this, Leigh Brady?! And the whole board is now complicit if they think spreading falsehoods and acting like the members who spoke out during the meeting are a bunch of liars and idiots. Where’s the integrity SECU? We are SECU…a financial institution whose leaders have zero integrity over the basics. Shame shame shame. Do other people in the workforce get to lie and slander and get away with it? What a poor example of a leader.

    As for you Ms Ford, that you for speaking up for OUR credit union and your fellow members!!

  5. ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned’

  6. Truth is the first casualty of war ...