Sunday, December 10, 2023

SECU - Character: Built On Honesty And Courage...#3 ... Eleanor Roosevelt
"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." 

Folks have asked for the original letter:

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From: Jean Blaine <>
Date: Thu, Nov 16, 2023, 12:12 PM
Subject: Requested Retraction CEO Comments
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 Ms. Mona Moon, Chair, SECU Board of Directors

November 16, 2023

Dear Chair Moon:

I am writing in reference to this quote in the10/20/2023 CU Today. ( I have waited to write expecting a public apology and retraction by Ms Brady for her comments.

“…Let me be clear on that group of members; 28 of those 32 were SECU retirees,” said Brady. “These were members where Blaine gave them a sheet of paper and said ‘You read this.’ And gave the next one a sheet of paper and said, ‘Now you read this.’ They were holding papers where Blaine gave them talking points. And they were supposed to stand up during the comment section and read their comments.”

There were no papers distributed. There were no talking points.  Members drove from across the State to speak because each one had something important to say. If you had listened, you could hear the passion in their voices.

The implication by the SECU Board spokesperson that NONE of the speakers are smart enough, knowledgeable enough, or articulate enough to write their own speeches is insulting, and proof that the CEO and SECU Board are still not listening to the membership, even after 3 incumbents were voted off the board. The nine retired employees who spoke are members too.  Are their voices irrelevant?  [Attached is a list of speakers with the time when each spoke.]
I wrote my own  remarks— No one gave me a sheet of paper to read. Nobody speaks for me. I practiced my delivery so I could make a strong point in two minutes—not easy to do, as the SECU Board had sought to squelch members' remarks.  

Those words I read at the annual meeting were MY words, my thoughts, my ideas. I will reiterate what I addressed to the Board, and want to be certain that you hear me.

“Even though you have done your damnedest to stifle member participation through punitive election rules and bylaw changes, You can’t shut us up and you won’t shut us out.”

I demand a written apology and retraction by Ms Brady. I look forward to receiving it before the end of November. The slander of every member who spoke will not stand unaddressed.

Jean Blaine

cc: Frank Diekmann, Editor CU Today
... this is kinda like food poisoning isn't it - giving everyone a stomach ache.



  1. Has anything been heard from the new board members? Seems like radio silence and nothing changed so far

    1. Has Ms. Brady been fired? No. The Board does not speak for her, nor are they insisting that she do the right thing by the members that spoke. I'd love to see the list Jean Blaine attached with names of members that spoke and times. Obviously, it is 8-3 that Ms. Brady statements are allowed to stand. Three NEW members can not change the direction. What they can do is make certain the members voices are brought to the Board table and that Leigh Brady also be forced to hear.

    2. Ok, will publish the list this afternoon

    3. Was at least, at minimum, hoping they would be reporting back to us their efforts or at least what is happening in the room. Crickets.

  2. What is the actual count of retirees who spoke? Because it wasn’t 28 of 32. That part alone is a measurable factual inaccuracy that shows how the rest of her “facts” ought to be considered.

  3. So are they going to start charging members more because you're over 60 ... 65 or when you retire because you no longer have employment? Because we really don't know what they use in their credit score algorithm?

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