Saturday, December 9, 2023

SECU: About Character - A Lapse In The Press? Giving The Benefit Of The Doubt....#2

✅ Jim Blaine

Oct 22, 2023, 8:52 PM

Don't know if you've heard much yet from your SECU story [10/20/2023], but... several of the folks who spoke at the Annual Meeting are reaching the "boiling point" and have asked me if the quotes from Leigh Brady in your story are accurate? [post #1 link], [post #2 link], [post #3 link], [post #4 link].

My response was that you've been at it a long time and if the quotation marks are there then yep its a direct quote, but I thought it might be wise to ask you if you're on "all fours" on the excerpt below or that maybe it needs to be "walked back" a bit or explained "in context" lessen the impact? Are you ok and firm with what was said by Leigh?

If so, the reaction ain't gonna be pretty...

Thanks, just trying to confirm the field of battle before everybody starts shooting at each other...
“… Let me be clear on that group of members; 28 of those 32 were SECU retirees,” said Brady. “These were members where Blaine gave them a sheet of paper and said ‘You read this.’ And gave the next one a sheet of paper and said, ‘Now you read this.’ They were holding papers where Blaine gave them talking points. And they were supposed to stand up during the comment section and read their comments.”

Brady said she knows for a fact that is what occurred."

Is this actually what Leigh said ? Thanks, fun and games...!!!

✅ Frank Diekmann via

to Jim Blaine

Oct 22, 2023, 8:52 PM

The quote is accurate.

And if it weren’t I would have heard from Leigh Brady/SECU by now.


Frank J. Diekmann 

... everyone was hoping it was a simple misquote - it wasn't.







  1. Hmmmmm…what now, Leigh? What now SECU Board? Worth loosing any shred of credibility there still is? This is seriously embarrassing.

  2. She don't care, she'll just spend more member money on attorneys... they have no self awareness. Judas comes to mind ...

    1. Or buy some ridiculous award article about how she’s an influential woman CEO. Can you and Gym stop buying awards for yourself about how great you are and actually do your job instead of inflating your PR? Employees all know you suck. Quit buying random awards and actually be a CEO instead

  3. I share Jean Blaine’s opinion, and I appreciate her comments.

    I also spoke at the last annual meeting and was very upset by what Leigh said in the CU Today article on 10/20/2023.

    For the record, OBVIOUSLY, I wrote my 2-minute statement… (sheet of paper) …

    Leigh’s words baffled me.

    I bite my lip when I think the Board supports these remarks.

    I learned long ago that we should always tell the truth, admit our mistakes, discuss the same topics on the table, speak the same language and leave the back door open.

    The future of ALL our members depends on what we do every day.

    We should all embrace the history of this successful Credit Union.

  4. Leigh Brady - admit you lied. Just admit you were trying to make yourself "look better". Many of us (employees) are absolutely appalled with your nasty, nasty lies. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, right Ms. Brady? This is all on you now. Do the right thing. Apologize for your terrible behavior and lies and then work on getting SECU back to it's roots - the membership deserves better! And so do the employees!

  5. The credit union is for 'all' members. Why are we being treated as the enemy because we don't agree with RBL?
    This takes money out of the peoples pockets who need it the most. Of course you'll have people who don't hold up their end of a deal. But are you holding up yours by representing all members or only those who have your ear? This is a battle being waged against the working man/woman who wants what's fair from his financial institution. SECU isn't a private enterprise last time I checked. Your lack of caring for your fellow member/owner who doesn't have the resources most of you do is appalling! So how much 'profit' is enough for a non-profit organization?