Friday, December 8, 2023

SECU: Character Is Who You Really Are...#1 

Ms. Leigh Brady, CEO North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union
December 8, 2023

Dear Ms. Brady:
I have in a previous letter to the SECU Board, requested a public retraction and apology of the statement you made 10/20/2023 to CU Today.

“ “…Let me be clear on that group of members; 28 of those 32 were SECU retirees,” said Brady. “These were members where Blaine gave them a sheet of paper and said ‘You read this.’ And gave the next one a sheet of paper and said, ‘Now you read this.’ They were holding papers where Blaine gave them talking points. And they were supposed to stand up during the comment section and read their comments.”

Brady said she knows for a fact that is what occurred.”

You and I both know for a fact that is NOT what occurred on October 10, 2023.  You knew it then, you know it now. Your insistence on this is destroying your integrity and believability. We all understand that you did not listen, that the Board did not listen to the members’ remarks. Your disregard of members’ comments prevents your Board from hearing the members’ very real concerns about the direction in which you are leading our Credit Union.  How do you explain the completely unheard of removal by SECU members of three incumbent SECU Board members? If this slander is part of your explanation you are leading your Board in the wrong direction. It is not too late— Go back. Listen to what the members said at the Annual Meeting. Correct the course of SECU.

I hoped by writing my previous letter that the Board would encourage you to do the right thing; to step up as CEO and set the record straight about what happened at the Annual Meeting by publicly retracting those statements which you asserted as “FACT.” 

Ms. Moon, as Chair of the Board, did respond in a letter on November 30, 2023. But Ms. Moon’s response was neither public, nor apology, nor a retraction of the remarks you made. Ms. Moon did not make those remarks, did she Leigh?  It is not her place to retract or apologize for your misstatements. It is yours.

What happened to the SECU employee I knew several years ago?  Were you fooling members into believing you understood the principled, successful business model at SECU? You are the spokesperson for SECU— the first woman CEO!! The Leader! It is your responsibility to maintain the reputation of integrity and fairness that SECU built over its first 85 years. Are you going to lead from a position of integrity and strength? Or are you choosing to continue the slide into misinformation and mistrust begun two years ago? As the first female leader at SECU, it is past time for Leigh Brady to do the right thing. Your choice, Leigh.We members are watching, waiting, and paying attention. The buck now stops with you, Leigh.

You abused every member who spoke that day at the Annual Meeting. You have had two months to take restorative action. The membership and the SECU Board have suffered from the shame and blame of your incendiary remarks and of your “FACTS”. 

Nothing less than a public retraction and apology will suffice. You must know by now “You can’t shut us up and you won’t shut us out.” 

Hopeful of a prompt response,
Jean Blaine

cc: Frank Diekmann, Editor CU Today; North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union Board

  ... guess we'll all find out shortly, pawn or Queen?


  1. And this is the "leader" of the credit union ... think about that for a moment!

  2. I. Love. This!!! She needs to be called out on her BS. Employees see right through her. Honestly, I don't know how she sleeps at night knowing she could change things around and continues to let it fall to pieces. I'm disappointed in how "the first woman CEO" is treating the membership and employees. Guess I just need to "STFU", right?!

  3. As to how she sleeps at night. Easy when you have no conscience.

  4. The money is just too good to turn back now, ain’t it Ms. Brady? Gymmy Haze have you black mailed?

  5. If she won't rectify this wrong........?