Monday, April 24, 2023

Actually, LGFCU Members "Encouraged" CEO In An "Or Else" Sorta Way...

    In case you hadn't heard:

Dear Fellow Members:

In recent months, we’ve heard from many of you about our plans to become an independent credit union, and our goal to build a better experience that meets your needs. We have carefully considered your thoughtful input, and your ideas about in-person service, cash management, and new products and services.

We’ve decided that we need more time to innovate,
to ensure that you receive the exceptional service you deserve. So, instead of introducing our new Credit Union platform to members in March 2024, we have extended our timetable for independence from State Employees’ Credit Union to 2025.
SECU is supporting us fully through this transition.

This will give us time to apply all that we’ve learned from those of you who attended our summits, Annual Meeting, and small group meetings we’ve hosted throughout the state, and the scores of you who reached out to us by phone and email.

For now

We ask all LGFCU members to do three things:
  • First, continue to work with us the way you always have, whether in-person at an SECU branch, on the phone with SECU’s 24/7 Member Services, in meetings with our Membership and Volunteer Development teams, or through access to Member Connect and our mobile app.
  • Second, if you haven’t already, enroll in Member Connect and our mobile app, where you can monitor your direct deposits, BillPay settings, loans and funds transfers. They will all operate the way they always have. If you need help, simply call us and we’ll guide you through it.
  • And third — and most importantly — keep sharing your good ideas with us. As you can tell, our team is listening. We are using your good input to create new and better ways to serve you.

What’s ahead

So, you’re probably wondering what happens next. There’s so much to be excited about — work that is underway to help you get the most out of what we currently have and plan to offer our local government members.

Here are a few highlights:

In-Person Banking

We’ve taken your input to heart, and we will offer a variety of in-person services, which include a physical presence in areas of the state that give you the peace of mind and ease of banking you expect. We’re also creating a network of people to work in the field directly with you on your needs — more people in more places communicating with, serving and learning from you.

A Cash Solution

Our team is hard at work creating a cash management solution for members who prefer to handle cash and need transaction and deposit solutions. Even if you don’t handle cash often, you will have the option to do so. In fact, we are working with SECU’s team and will provide a cash deposit solution in the branches beyond independence.

More Ways to Learn and Grow

We’ll contact you with opportunities to learn what’s ahead. The new products, services and technology we’ll deliver will help you grow confident in your financial future. We’ll provide resources and learning opportunities to help you reach your life’s goals.

The difference is you

Over the last several months, we’ve learned a lot from you. I could not be more excited about the future we are designing to serve you. A credit union that is not last, not second, but first in providing choices and the exceptional service to North Carolina’s local government community that you desire and deserve.

We’ll continue to host events across the state, communicating what’s happening along the way. Join us. Because we are creating a dynamic future together, engagement with our members and volunteers will make all the difference.

I encourage you to continue to visit to track our progress, find the latest information, and ask questions.

Our future is bright,
and our team is proud to serve you. As part of North Carolina’s local government community, you deserve nothing less.

The best is yet to come.

Dwayne Naylor
Chief Executive Officer track, mine?



  1. At least they are listening to their Members…. Unlike SECU right now!!!

  2. This has turned into the train wreck of all train wrecks, an absolute s**t show. Dwayne now trying to back up and partially piece back together what worked exceedingly well for decades.

    Listening to their members!? They didn't even ask ("no member vote will be taken"). If they had been listening they wouldn't have left the station in a train that had no brakes and no one sitting at the wheel! Their on internal research indicated they would lose over 50% of their members if they went totally digital....and they proceeded!

    Meanwhile the Haze Sadness Machine was salivating at adding 250,000 new members by riding in to "rescue" them.

    Haze and Naylor deserve each other....just on a desert island somewhere. And no where near a credit union.

  3. LGFCU - Crazy Train

  4. Poor poor leadership, regardless of your opinion on the whole situation