Sunday, August 13, 2023

Extra! Extra! Insider Leaks Photos of SECU Nominating Committee Board Candidate Slate


😎 SECU "This" Board incensed that SECU members might find out who is running for the SECU Board in advance...!


Candidate # 1:   

Candidate #2:   

✅ Candidate #3:  

...with "This" Board will suspect more "tricks" than treats, won't you?


  1. haha! No treats from this board for the members. They keep all the treats for themselves. 49 billion dollar money pot! (used to be 53 billion!)

  2. Exactly like the Gong show ... and we need to give these BOD's the big GONG!!!!

  3. Assuming there are other choices besides the incumbents, how can word be gotten out to get members to vote? How many of the 2.7 million members even know about voting? I'm guessing even a small increase in the usual member participation could change the outcome.

  4. Can’t wait for all of them to be booed this October.